Starting Your Own Bed and Breakfast

January 13, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Starting your own Bed and Breakfast may sound like a wonderful way to show off your home and make money doing it, but there are some important things to consider for the aspiring B&B Innkeeper. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before getting started:


Do you have the personality to be a good bed and breakfast owner?

It takes more than good cooking and a nice house to be a successful B&B owner. One of the biggest factors, and the most commented aspect of review feedback, is the Innkeeper’s personality. Flexibility is one of the owner’s greatest asset. Every guest wants to feel welcomed and special so the Innkeeper that can take the time to provide personalized attention is important. That being said, knowing how to maintain personal boundaries so as to not take advantage or your guest, or vice versa, is an absolute necessity. And last, but not least, be willing to learn new things. As an Innkeeper you will open your home to several different kinds of personal tastes, cultures, languages, diets and environmental needs. A host that can roll with the tide and stay on their toes is one who will see success.

Are you prepared to run your own business?

It probably goes without saying that a Bed and Breakfast is a business and as the Innkeeper, you will be the business owner. It times time, money and commitment to run your own business so make sure you are ready for the investment required to do so.

Are you prepared for the amount of work required?

Running a Bed and Breakfast requires an incredible amount of work to stay on top of all the daily needs of the business, the guests and also the establishment. It is not your typical 9-5 job. Tasks like preparing and cleaning up (before and after) for breakfast, laundry, booking, house care, etc, can be very time consuming. Many Innkeepers have help throughout the day whether it be a spouse, relative or hired hand.


Being a successful B&B owner is a thrill unlike anything else. Just like anything big venture, weighing the pros and cons, receiving advisement and support, and starting the right way is essential to achieving your goals.